Xsdvalidatingreader class

11-May-2020 22:42

This organizational level is used for several reasons:1.Support generation of a single assembly from several different languages2. The CLR downloads only the main module by default; other modules are downloaded as needed.3. NET does not ship with any tool that does this, but it can be accomplished with Power Shell. Create a file named "config" in the project directory with the following content:2.To correct this, specify the authoritative set of reference assemblies for the NET framework version being targeted. However, the incorrect command line would work fine on a build machine with . NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319" /lib:"C:\Windows\Microsoft. NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\WPF" /out:"D:\duo_iis\Install Util\bin\x64\Debug\Install Util Merged.exe" "D:\duo_iis\Install Util\bin\x64\Debug\Install Util.exe" "D:\duo_iis\Install Util\bin\x64\Debug\Duo Util.dll"Courtesy this blog posting.

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In the class library project in Visual Studio, goto Project Properties.3. Set Start Action to "Start external program", and set the text box to the following6. Set the Post build event command line to the following:if not exist "$(Target Dir)\powershell.exe" copy "c:\windows\system32\Windows Power Shell\v1.0\powershell.exe" $(Target Dir)if not exist "$(Target Dir)\config" copy "$(Project Dir)\config" $(Target Dir) Notes: Due to Visual Studio 2012 and below limitations, the paths on the Debug tab are machine specific. Before debugging, goto Project Properties|Debug and set Enable native code debugging. Validate Attribute(String local Name, String namespace Uri, Xml Value Getter attribute Value, Xml Schema Info schema Info) at System. Load Doc Sequence(Xml Document parent Doc) at System. however it will throw a Null Reference Exception when in fact (if it is valid) it should come back as a successful validation.