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18-Jan-2020 04:52

More than 40 children a day are being expelled from state schools in England, new figures suggest.

Heads blamed funding cuts for the soaring numbers, saying that troubled pupils were missing out on early intervention and...

I went out with this girl at my church one time, but we broke up because we were better off just friends.

We stayed friends, but lately she has been very touchy-feely with me, and is always hugging me. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are very good that she's dying inside.

Find a place where you'll have privacy, and have uninterrupted time to talk. You still very much want to be her friend, but you aren't interested in romance.

Don't start the conversation by asking her what she's feeling—that will just put her on the spot. She should understand that the original decision to stop dating was a good one, because you've been able to stay good friends. Then carefully and gently explain that you're uncomfortable and confused when she hugs you and pays a lot of attention to you. When you've finished explaining your feelings, ask her how she feels about what you've said.

Then see if there are some practical plans you can make to be friends again. Tell her you'd understand if she felt awkward about an undefined relationship, but you hope you can enjoy each other's company in spite of that. I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years and we've been very serious.

Councillors in Hackney are accused of stifling London’s hipster heartland with a blanket...

Will God lead my boyfriend and me to the people we're supposed to marry? But things will only get tougher if you don't have an honest talk with your boyfriend.

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