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There’s not much more to say on this component; do you This pattern isn’t as easy to interpret as the first one that determined political views.Looking over the answers, you develop a sense of the types of people who would exhibit leanings at either end of the spectrum, but coming up with a word for this scale is a bit more challenging.Regions that score high on cleanliness have people that have clean bodies and clean homes, and demand the same of their partners.Comparing the places that scored high on cleanliness vs.

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From this, I was able to create two maps that show the most liberal (purple) and conservative (orange) metro regions in the US.And how did I determine that you have low sex drive or are super judgmental?Well, it’s based on real data that describes the “typical resident”… You can skip ahead to the personality scale you’d most like to learn about with the links below.Social scientists have a long-standing interest in how and why personality differs across geographic regions.

I’m not an expert in this field, but I’m pretty sure it can all be traced back to the Beach Boys’ groundbreaking research on variations in romantic attitudes across the US.

This part’s a bit subjective, but most will find that the overlap between answers of particular questions certainly makes some clear suggestions about the respondent’s personality. For example, residents of the Deep South generally share a personality type that’s politically conservative, religious, and not very outdoorsy — go figure.