Who is wynonna judd dating 2016

28-Jul-2020 17:49

We’ve seen examples of Naomi being a dishonest person, so everything she says from now on will come under scrutiny. Every time a Judd writes a book or goes on TV to tell their side of a story, another Judd writes a book or goes on TV to tell their side of a story.

I mean, if we’re going to get silly about it we may as well say The Judds have always been a perfect family and every disagreement they ever had was to get people hooked on a real-life soap opera.

I’m not sure if this was ever a part of the tabloid narrative – it probably was – but a common conspiracy theory I’ve often heard in person is that Naomi Judd never really had a liver disease.

Some people think The Judds just couldn’t stand each other anymore.

They think it was a publicity stunt ahead of the farewell tour, a good storyline to launch Wynonna’s solo career. Also, we’ve seen how terrible these people are at keeping secrets.

Look, I’m not going to pretend I know the truth one way or the other on this. Yeah, she managed to hide the truth about Wynonna’s father all the way through getting a book published but, once the book came out with the lie in it, it was a little over a year before the truth was in headlines.

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May 6, 2018. On May 6, 1989, Naomi Judd wed her husband Larry Strickland at Christ. her biological father is Charles Jordan, Naomi Judd's ex-boyfriend.… continue reading »

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