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Jason managed to narrowly escape his grasp when the other Rangers teleported him out.While the Rangers were defending Angel Grove from Goldar, Tommy entered the Command Center and attempted to sabotage it again.Tommy has gone through a number of power variations through the years.Originally the first Green Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.He later took up the mantle of a Ranger once more and became the Black Dino Ranger of the Dino Rangers.After Tommy's adversary, Mesogog, was defeated, he retired from Ranger duty and is currently a normal high school teacher at Reefside.

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Being under Rita's influence, Tommy became very sullen and was even rude to Kimberly when she questioned where he had been.He was also retroactively labeled as Turbo Red Ranger - a variation on his in-show label.Little is known about Tommy's early life, other than the fact that he was adopted by the Oliver family at a young age.Having turned good, Tommy helped the Rangers in defeating the forces of darkness and was made an official member of the team.

In doing so, not only did Tommy prove himself to be a worthy ally, but he became exactly the kind of leader the Rangers needed and was therefore promoted, taking command from Jason.

With the Rangers at their weakest, Rita decided that the time to attack was now.