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The carnage just inside the front door of the Brumback home was shocking even for longtime homicide detectives, but there was something else that hit them almost instantly about the crime scene – a sickening familiarity. …And when I saw those both on the male victim and on the female victim, you don't see a lot of knifings or stabbings that are like that. Warner: The mindset at that point was there's a connection here. …Mary Brumback could not have had an enemy in the world," said Omaha World-Herald reporter Todd Cooper.

…And we had knives that were left in that crime scene. Scott and I had a real definitive moment after we walked through that house where we're like – you know -- I've seen these things before. Mois: Specifically, with the wounds to the right side of the neck. Jim Axelrod: And then you find out the victim worked as a doctor at Creighton's medical school. We got something."Mois and Warner: Yes."Roger Brumback devoted portions of his medical career to childhood disease and then to Alzheimer's. Jim Axelrod: If you had been home 20 minutes earlier, what would have happened?

The crime scene left them little to go on -- no DNA, no motive and no apparent suspects. Warner: One of the neighbors happened to notice a car that she wasn't familiar with. Brad Waite: You just can't put it out of your mind.

Jim Axelrod: I imagine the community must have been unglued. Warner: I think the city as a whole, an 11-year-old boy doesn't get killed in his home. For Detectives Mois, Warner and the other investigators, the horror of these gut-wrenching murders would soon be paired with a deep frustration. Might Tom have attracted an online predator to his basement playroom? Warner: Was there something that had occurred online over his gaming, over a computer? Were the murders a gruesome act of vengeance by a disgruntled, former employee targeting Tom's parents – the Hunters? Anthony Garcia, a former resident in the pathology program. But --Todd Cooper: Bill Hunter dismissed Anthony Garcia when they brought up his name in an interview. But he left quietly."Every lead seemed like a dead end, leaving nothing but shattered families. Jim Axelrod: Was there ever a point for either of you where you thought, "We're just never gonna find out who did this?

Less than three weeks later, Tom Hunter and Shirlee Sherman were brutally murdered. It didn't look like somebody planned on really coming back. Over here it says, "Rich children, gun, invade, kill, knife, kidnap family, SUV, torture, kill."And there was also something familiar soaking in the sink: Those negative performance reviews written by Dr. Davis: And so she stated to us that she started to try to distance herself from him.

And those who had the authority to grant that license, would learn of his dismissal from Creighton. The state denied his application for a medical license due in part to his termination from Creighton. Davis: On top of the dining room table are all of these documents. It looked to detectives like someone was trying to destroy them. Anthony Garcia's shopping list -- from the ordinary to the ominous. Davis: As you can see here, it says, "Invade rich house, torture, murder.

Fernando Garcia: He wanted to get along with people. There was college in California, and then med school in Utah. Estella Garcia: When he came back, he was not the same. With every new state he moved to, Garcia had to apply for a medical license there. Mois: To get licensure in another state, they would be sending Creighton University very specific requests about Anthony Garcia's time at Creighton University …And those responses … …It doesn't take a detective or even a physician to read those as a lay person and say, "That's not gonna help him get licensure or a job."Investigators discovered that in February 2008, Garcia was living in Louisiana. Inside the trash bag were more documents submerged in a liquid. He's talking about going to the store, buying broccoli, butter, shrimp.

The pieces of Anthony Garcia's past were coming together in front of Mois and Warner. With Garcia under arrest, cops entered his house in Terre Haute. Omaha Detective Ryan Davis got the first look into a dark and conflicted world through Garcia's chilling words: "We live. Chhanda Bewtra and Garcia's termination letter signed by Drs. Todd Cooper: The motivation for these murders was all right there in that sink. A roadside strip joint -- the one place Anthony Garcia's childhood dreams still had life. Davis: When he came in the door, they would announce that "Doctor Tony" was in the house. Cecilia Hoffmann told Detective Davis that Garcia wanted more than just a dance -- he wanted a girlfriend. Omaha cops recorded Hoffman's haunting story: Voice of Cecilia Hoffmann: I'm putting on my little voice and saying, "Well, Dr. You couldn't -- you know -- you couldn't handle a girl like me." …And then that's when he told me. And he said, "I killed people before." …He said, "I killed a young boy and an old woman." , and on July 23, 2013, at the Douglas County Courthouse, Dr. His letter of termination began to look like a smoking gun. And the Mottas take on the star witness, Cecilia Hoffmann, who Garcia had allegedly confessed to? Don Kleine: There was DNA evidence that pointed to Anthony Garcia. Jim Axelrod: Where does this case, where is it in terms of your frontal lobe? Still, he had a Ferrari in his driveway and appeared to be living the high life. Jim Axelrod: At this point do you have a suspect you want to arrest? Jim Axelrod: Where there were other people that you felt he perceived had wronged him? Jim Axelrod: Did your son kill Tommy Hunter, Shirlee Sherman, Roger and Mary Brumback? If he did, it's a totally different person that they're talking about. We want him to rehabilitate and find some other job. Bob Motta Jr.: At the time she gives the interview she's intoxicated. Don Kleine: She was subjected to very long and extensively vigorous cross-examination. Don Kleine: The other piece of the gun was found off the highway-- on an exit ramp -- right by Terre Haute, Indiana. And at the Bewtras' home, there was DNA on a doorknob. …I opened up the front glass door to yell inside "hello," and that's when I seen a gun clip on the floor. …And just beyond that in the entryway was Roger Brumback. …We would also see very evident stab marks on the right side of his neck just below his right ear. Mois: And inside the main living room area of that main floor. …She had very clear defensive wounds on her hands which were indicative of her trying to put up a defense. The wounds were a mirror image to those suffered by Tom Hunter and Shirlee Sherman in 2008. Jim Axelrod: Then you two must look at each other and say, "We can't ignore this. Police believe that the Bewtras, not the Brumbacks, would be dead – if the Bewtras had not been at that Mother's Day brunch with their slow moving, elderly friend.

Cops say the intruder moved on, just a few miles down the road, to the home of Dr. Todd Cooper: Roger Brumback was in his old clothes, painting the entryway of his house, getting it ready to sell. And they had talked to their daughter via Face Time. Jason Peterson: We showed up to move a piano here and nobody answered the door. The piano mover called the cops: That day, Detectives Derek Mois and Scott Warner happened to be on call. You also found a spent shell casing kind of stuck between the double doors. Brumback……who had just been gunned down in his doorway. Jim Axelrod: And one of the files you got belonged to Anthony Garcia. If there is room for irony in a murder story, it belongs to the Bewtras.

Todd Cooper: It resonates throughout the community. You can't go anywhere without running into someone who is Creighton born and bred.