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21-May-2020 04:52

It is interesting to learn that ineffective communication is the most common barrier in the breakdown of marriages and families.The familiarity of surroundings, including people, can cause a barrier to be produced subconsciously that will slow down or even stop the growth of communication.At this point, many students just tune out or get caught up in an internal dialogue trying translate a specific word.

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The sender sends a message through a designated channel before it reaches the receiver.

It is also the telling of all information necessary to have a conversation which is beneficial to all parties involved.

Information is power and the method of delivery is the driving force behind that power.

However, for the purpose of this essay, I will concentrate on effective communication in the areas of leveling, listening, and validating.

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Leveling suggests that all parties involved in the process of communication are on the same ‘page’ and have all the information needed to communicate effectively.

People learn social behaviors by watching someone else do them first, practicing them and refining them until they can be used to obtain good results (

Relationship Tips – Communication Validation. March 5, 2011. and then validating the content of the communication. Examples of validating statements are.… continue reading »

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Noun 1. validation - the act of validating; finding or testing the truth of something… continue reading »

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Validation occurs when we confirm, mostly through words, that other people can have their own emotional experiences. A simple statement like, “It must be difficult and painful to have something like that occur,” can be validating.… continue reading »

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