Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

07-Jul-2020 03:44

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This article will focus on the WD TV Live Plus because this is what I use.

You can also install the custom firmware on the WDTV Live and WDTV G2, but as I do not have these devices, you will have to read the forums for how to do it.

Some alternatives are things like Boxee, Roku, or small nettop PCs.

But one that doesn’t get enough attention as I think it should is the WD TV.

While the drive is formatting, download the latest wdlxtv firmware for your device. Safely remove your device from your PC and plug it into your WD TV. If you do not get the firmware update message you may already have a newer version. Safely remove the external device again and plug it into the WD TV. Once your device has been updated, verify it by going into Settings About. Congratulations, you now have a WDTV Live Plus with wdlxtv on it.

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Building an HTPC can be time consuming and expensive.

For that would fall into the WDTV Live Web GUI need to know the ip-address of the player who was assigned in your network.

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