Updating kindle

19-May-2020 23:06

updating kindle-55

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If you’re not sure what model you have you can check the Which Kindle E-reader do I have?

I missed the March 16th 2016 deadline to automatically update my kindle, so I followed the instructions on Amazon's website. I am using the right file, I have 3.4 trying to update to 3.4.2 but the update option under settings is greyed out.

It may take a few hours to a week for your update to be live.

As for readers who downloaded the older version, they can update their file to the new version but they will have to sign in to Amazon, go to Manage my Kindle, find your book file and then download the updated version.

But now the company has revealed that one of the device’s best features is coming to the bottom of the Kindle line-up.

The cheapest Kindle model will soon be updated with support for audiobooks from Audible.

Like the Kindle Oasis, however, the lack of speakers or a headphone jack means users will need to pair the reader with bluetooth headphones or speakers to enjoy an audiobook.Amazon has started rolling out a new firmware update for Kindle ebook readers that changes how highlighting works.It’s a minor change but now there’s an additional setting that lets you turn off the highlight menu when selecting a passage of text.The Amazon Kindle in a compact tablet that is equipped with amazing features.