Updating bios for asus p5gc mx1333 vonage updating hardware

23-Apr-2020 19:39

Your example will work fine so rename it from P5GC-MX-ASUS-1333-0413. Run notepad again and open the file on the flash drive. It may or may not work in your case but give it a try if you are asked the 'are you sure' question. An file runs on its own so you shouldn't need any keyboard input. Also I heared somewhere that there is another method to do the same called "hot swap"But I think its kinda risky since I have another p4 945 sis chipset asus mother board but im not sure that my bios is compatible with that motherboard or not.all I knew after looking both chips that both are 4mb bios i don't know about voltage.please suggest me which option is best for me.should I use hot swapping method or not?

If that doesn't work then we'll have to find a flasher that is compatible with the bios chip and won't pause to ask questions. I had disconnected the power chord during jumper reset. Or any alternative ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Take a look to the system configuration or type of BIOS update and tell me what should I do further. The last time I was trying AFUDOS METHOD to flash the bios in the corrupted pc but not get succeeded since I was unable to type any command due to keyboard undetection.

If there is any other flashing utility that is good to deal with hot swapping don't forget to mention [email protected] Othe Hill PS/2 keyboards should be connected before the powering up and was doing the same Thanks all for the guidance im learning much from you all. You download the update file--the most recent update there is P5GC-MX/1333 0413--and the file to flash it--Afudos BIOS update tool V2.36--and unzip them both.

DAVEINCAPS "I can set up a batch file to run thatcommand but the problem is going to be to getyou msdos boot files on a flash drive.

Or whenyou previously tried to update, did you have dosboot files on the flash drive?

"Yes I have prepared the bootable usb with the three files I was able to enter into dos .

There cursor was blinking too but the problem was to enter the command and since keyboard was not detected I couldn't be able to flash the bios.

updating bios for asus p5gc mx1333-84

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You need to rename the update file on the flash drive so it complies with dos 8.3 format. (Sometimes when you rename files you unintentionally get a doiuble extension so take a good look at the renamed file and make sure it's just P5GC. If that happens shut down the computer and remove the flash drive and put it in the working computer. ROM /y Adding the /y is sometimes seen by the command as answering 'yes' to its built-in question. Edit Oh about the bios upgrade; it's probably not necessary but if it is a corrupted bios that's causing the problem you should be able to create an file on the boot media and in it write the command calling the update file. I don't know whether a power loss may cause the bios corruption but im sure nothing else have the problem.updating bios with seems to be a good idea would be very helful if you could tell me some reference to do the same.I was following this one link to flash bios using USB drive: you can prepare a batch file to run the command then there is a hope that it can be done.Also if you are doing so then make sure the any filename must not exceed 8 ex:instead of i P5GC-MX-ASUS-1333-0413. ROMThanks again DAVEINCAPSOh yeah,that's right, pure dos--even 98 dos--will only see files in 8.3 format.You can try setting it up using hpflash1 as explained in the link above.

Or if it's a problem I can just send you a flash drive I setup myself. I can pick up a cheap flash drive next time I go to walmart.

Then I removed sata cable of hardisk and dvd drive and try rebooting, This time during post it showing that keyboard not detected and F1 to run setup and F2 to loaf default setting and after that it shows a black screen and says Insert proper boot media device and press any key with a blinking cursor....

ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard specifications. EZ Flash MyLogo. Q-Fan. Memory Dual-channel. BIOS AMI BIOS 4 MB Flash. Expansion slots PCI 2.2 x 2… continue reading »

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