Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

28-Jun-2020 08:25

The Autostar has a procedure to determine how much slop, backlash, the clock gear mechanism has in it.Autostar will direct you to center the scope on an object, then the Autostar will move the scope to the left/right and it will you ask you to recenter the object and hit enter, then it will move the scope up/down and have you recenter the object.Autostar Command Set --2 parts Auto Star II Commands/Programming Set Control Set Undocumented Command -- Guide Speed Slewing Parking the GPS Autostar to PC Cable Instructions Low Level Autostar Debugging Computed Bodies in the GPS Autostar Computer Interface / Autostar Update Problems --2 parts SMT Software & Lost of Contact with The_Sky Remote Handbox via Auto Star Suite --2 parts GPS Autostar Sync to Selected Star GPS Alignment Stars Not in FOV Using Auto Star for Solar Alignment --2 parts Updating Satellite Orbital Elements New Meade wireless remote Autostar Controller --details on Meade site (April 2005) Go To: You've got to get out and play with it.Start in the early evening, late afternoon when it is still light and you can see what you are doing.I found the Autostar to be very easy to use even without reading the manual.You've got to answer the initialization questions correctly: location, date, time, daylight savings, etc.correctly or everything you do afterwards will be fruitless.The scope has to be in the home position and level.

The Autostar allowed me to start learning the night sky and know what I was looking at because the Autostar display told me what it was. I have had a few frustrating nights when, I didn't take the time to get an accurate alignment, or I entered the wrong date or time and the stars where not in the eyepiece, or didn't track worth a hoot.

As for the user friendliness of the Autostar, it is a rather subjective term.

I think Meade's Autostar Go To function has revolutionized the industry.

I have NOT seen this condition on my Autostar II, nor have i seen this complaint posted on the LX200GPS group. (c) If (b) doesn't fix it, Fire up the Updater, but this time -only- choose Garbage Collect (it's under Tools or Options).

Reset (I doubt this will help, but it's always the first thing to try) (b) reload the firmware, but (this time) do NOT add Tours, etc. (d) if (c) didn't fix it, then (after the garbage collect, and it may well have been automatic garbage collection which broke it in the first place) choose Erase User Banks. ------------------------------------------------------ From: Dan Griffing I followed Richard Seymour's advice and the scope is now up and running.Then look in the eye piece for the scope and do the same thing.When you have it centered to your satisfaction hit enter and that location for that star is stored in the Autostar memory.These were because I rushed my set up and paid for it in the long run.