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14-Apr-2020 10:58

And always leaves me wondering what the heck did I just watch, did this really just happen, how the heck can I explain this to someone. I give this app 5 stars, and just like my girlfriend I find myself going to bed with it turn on everynight.starting the other day it no longer works and ive logged out and back in an even reinstalled. upon reinstall the app now simply doesnt even load.All your movies and TV shows, all in one place, on all your devices.Movies & TV brings you the latest entertainment in one simple, fast, and elegant app on Windows.Six's mission becomes to find out where The Village is, who Two is and why he is seemingly keeping him prisoner in The Village (despite Two stating that Six is a free man), and how he can escape to his life back in New York.Six has to learn who among the Villagers he can trust - who include a doctor named 313, a cab driver named 147, and Two's own son named 11-12 - in his quest to escape from The Village.As everyone in The Village is referred to only by a number, everyone in The Village refers to him as Six - despite he himself knowing that he has another name - and seems to know who he is.

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The two stars is for the decent sales and library, but the quality of the stream, coupled with no download option means there will be no more purchases from me until I see a download option.

• Explore a broad range of movies and TV shows, including titles picked just for you. • Get into the action with 360° videos—tilt or drag in any direction to look around.

(Windows 10 Creators Update required) • Now your videos always stay on top while multitasking with mini mode.

Now it's only saved from 1 star because it does, in fact, play movies, even if it takes 6 or so hours to watch a single 2 hour movie.

Jump to TV show listhayu costs £3.99 per month, requires no lock-in contract and can be played on i OS, Android, PC, Mac and enabled Smart TVs.

His original opening bits are colorized for re-use here.