Trust device for consolidating industry

29-Jan-2020 20:00

Protegrity operates across all five data silos – database, file storage, Big Data, Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service – while offering solutions that provide simple monitoring and alerting; integration of policies across silos; data classification; integrated data discovery; application user access control; and data protection policy enforcement.

Companies who use Protegrity stand to benefit from not only improved data security, but also budgetary savings as a result of more efficient regulatory compliance, reduced manpower needs, and a smaller audit scope.

It guards sensitive data in both managed and unmanaged environments – whether controlled internally or via third party – and ensures this information is not leaked through shadow applications.

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Moreover, En Case eliminates costly outsourcing or staffing fees, as the solutions give corporate investigation teams the ability to handle complex investigations internally with the staff they already have on hand.

Even though the image looks just like the person whose identity is being stolen, the authentication engine still flags the action as fraudulent activity because it knows the image is a duplicate.

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