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13-Jul-2020 05:13

Telstra and others need to do something to ensure things like this no longer happen. Not sure what kind of insane scam this is but I'm now not sure if I should follow the unsubscribe links of call which could be a premium number hold scam Far out.

On that note: now that we've ascertained that no one has 'sold' your number to spammers, that no one has lied to you about doing so (both claims you made in your original post), and that Telstra is even acting to try to prevent such incidents in the future (about time too) – will you withdraw those slurs? sharing-mobile-phone-numbers/6575424 I'm sure using a VPN on the teathered laptop / phone would prevent the 0499 number getting through to the suspicious site.

So the header info will go out, the site will capture it and send you a message which you then have to confirm to sign up. Using a i Phone teathered – And received a similar SMS saying the purchase had failed.

(I have BOOST moblie on Telstra, I assume that blocks SMS purchases).

It's a shame though that even on the utopian "Telstra" network you have to go to extra lengths to protect yourself from security risks. or use Burner phone :) I used the phone to go to the and clicked on the unsubscribe.

I got another SMS stating I had indeed unsubscribed from this crap that I never subscribed to in the first place. I got the same type of SMS notifying I had signed up for Mad for .99/wk. I did know about the subscription until I was a bill.

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After being reassured that the sequence of events (tethering, browsing etc) was a coincidence ("hotspot uses WIFI and your phone number can’t be linked to it") and that Telstra would never give my details to a third party (by two different support staff no-less), they blocked premium sms and called the number 1300 to unsubscribe. So, on further investigation, this is a very well-known issue.t=2533124 Optus were doing this a few years ago – and may still be doing so : /forum-replies.cfm?t=2418905 good to hear, and stories like this are too numerous. There is a tab in my Chrome saying "Success, youve subscribed" which I absolutely DIDNT. When I go to the Mobilfun website on my Telstra i Phone it seems to be logged into the site and the My Account page claims I am subscribed and can unsubscribe by clicking Calling the 1300 number goes through to a voice system and you're on hold.She informed me that there was no way that it could have automatically happened and that I must have subscribed and entered my mobile number as Telstra do not supply that information.

Also, and somewhat surprisingly as this is some serious mindreader sh*t, she knew the 1300 number i was meant to call to unsubscribe and the opening hours of the premium SMS provider (pretty impressive for a first time complaint! She also said I would have to call back when I got the bill to get a refund...I chalked the up to experience as it didnt cost us actual money.Had a chat with my daughter about it and all is good from now on – we hope!If I get any charge on my bill I'm going to go batshit on Telstra. I called Telstra and they have organised to reverse the charges I proved I was not connected at the time of subscription and I don't use the SIM in a phone I think this behaviour is despicable, these companies pray on people using some loop hole Actually I just had a same problem like you.