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She is the rare female chef who has both the culinary chops and the telegenic appeal to suit the extraordinary demands of both professional settings.“There’s this fine line that I’m continually struggling to ride,” Kish says of deciding what’s next. And earlier this month, during Kish’s final shift, Lynch, who is separated from her husband, brought her girlfriend, Jacqueline Bernat, and her girlfriend’s son to Menton for dinner.Celebrity chef/restaurateur Todd English has 2 problems ... he's being sued for not paying his massive food bill ... English spotted it, snatched the bowl and darted into the kitchen, where the diminutive line cook with thick blue eyeliner and an Aqua Net-affixed bouffant cowered behind her mise en place.“Where is your earring? Before she could reply, Lynch recalls, he upended the dish — silky sauce, spaghetti and bivalves — onto Lynch.(English denies overturning the dish.)At the time, she was one of the few women working behind the swinging doors of professional kitchens. Once, Lynch says, the chef beaned a slow-moving manager with a pound of butter.“We ended up bumping into each other.” It was the restaurant-equivalent of a shootout in a spaghetti western.“I was like: ‘You [expletive, expletive.] You should be [expletive] proud of me, instead of [expletive] treating me like an [expletive].’ ” (English denies throwing a bottle.)Lynch has been in charge of her own kitchen ever since.

She was far faster and more precise than her sous chef, but, she said graciously, “you wouldn’t have noticed that if we hadn’t been standing side by side.”As she expedited the restaurant’s many orders, it was tough to keep pace with the rhythm of the meals, which could run up to nine courses, not including the cheese plate.In the lawsuit, English claims he was entitled to minimum guaranteed royalties of 0,000.-18 and 0,000.-19.But on February 19, 2018, English claims Hudson tried to “wrongfully terminate” the agreement, which he claims puts them in breach of the deal.Renowned celebrity chef Todd English claims the company that helped him create a line of cookware tried to end their deal early and now he’s suing them for more than half a million dollars.