The pros and cons of dating

16-Feb-2020 01:35

She may love you but if it’s about a “life or death” situation, your dinner together is not going to be her priority.

Not everyone is happy to feel like the second fiddle.

Just remember, it should be based on more than that—if it lasts, you’ll have to tell people about it eventually.

So, what are the known downsides that make ladies do that?

Like the personage of Natalie Portman, female docs may have little time for private life. If you are dating an obstetrician, for example, babies tend to be born at some opportunistic times of day or night, including holidays and weekends.

Besides, not in all countries people working in the medical field earn a lot.

For example, in Russia doctors have to work 1.5 shifts (60 hours weekly) to simply earn an average salary for the country.

For example, ladies even have to list different occupations on dating sites to meet men, according to some reports.