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14-Mar-2020 07:13

If such treatment evaluation recommends treatment, and if the court so finds, the person shall be ordered to complete a treatment program that conforms with the standards adopted by the domestic violence management board as required by section The prosecuting attorney's record and the court's findings shall specify the relationship in the alleged domestic violence case which the prosecuting attorney is not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and the reasons therefor.

No court shall accept a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to an offense which does not include the domestic violence designation required in section , C.

The court concluded that, as a matter of law, these are judicial acts integral to the judicial process and therefore are cloaked in absolute quasi-judicial immunity.The protection order issued pursuant to this section shall be on a standardized form prescribed by the judicial department and a copy shall be provided to the protected parties.The trial court shall retain jurisdiction to enforce, modify, or dismiss the protection order until final disposition of the action.Amendments to subsection 1 in House Bill and House Bill were harmonized.

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