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21-Apr-2020 03:37

And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him.

Also must be willing to stand up the heroes when he disagrees with their methods in dealing with villains too dangerous to be imprisoned.Anything else i am willing to negotiate..onto the challenges. - BTVS/DEUS EX: Human Revolution, i noticed there were no crossovers with this game and i thought let's give it a whirl. Story type: YAHFAdditional Crossover (optional): SG-1, Marvel, DC, Generator Rex, Ben 10, Metal Gear, Bionic Woman.Acceptable Pairings: Cordelia, Amy, OC, or Character from additional Cross.Length: 5k to 8k is acceptable, must be story not one-shot or miniseries.3. Story type: Crossover Acceptable Pairings: Left to the challengers disposition, must be adult.

Non-acceptable Pairings: No one who is eighteen or under, this is non-negotiable.

Before we begin i have to establish four non-negotiable rules, i repeat non-negotiable.1.- NO SLASH, unless an established character is already gay, otherwise you may focuse your attention elsewhere.2.- NO GENDER BENDING, unless you plan to have Ranma appear in the story there will be none of that.3.- NO EXCESSIVE AND IRRATIONAL CHARACTER BASHING, i may hate some characters but let's keep it light here, we don't want to lose the readers.4.- NO UNDERAGE PAIRING, I seriously don't see why people want to pair a a girl bellow 18 with someone who is sometimes immortal or what have you and it isn't cannon with the series they base it on.