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You don’t need to know every single thing ever about a guy, especially if you’re just looking for something casual, but make sure he is who he says or appears to be.Double check that basic facts check out—like that he’s actually single—whenever possible before rushing into something more. You Want Revenge or Payback It’s never, ever, ever a good idea to hook up with someone as a way of getting back at a boyfriend/girlfriend/recent ex who has made you angry or upset.I knew I wasn't attracted to him, and I knew that I didn't want to hook up with him, but I did so anyways because I felt so bad.” Instead of giving in, try to help him out by finding someone else for him, Smith advises.“If he gives your grief about being in the friend zone, ask him what he is looking for in a girl and start playing matchmaker with your friends,” she says.This often leads to a lot of hurt and confusion for you, whoever you hooked up with, and the other person in the picture.“I hooked up with two guys immediately after I started school freshman year just to get back at a long-distance boyfriend,” says Anna*, who goes to the University of Missouri-Columbia.“While there are the occasional ‘Samanthas’ [of ] among us, for the vast majority of females, sex creates an emotional connection to the other person,” explains Smith.

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If you barely know the guy you’re considering get close to in the imminent future, make sure you’re not jumping into something too quickly.

Take any verbal threats, displays of physical violence, or statements about you “owing” him for a meal, drink, or sexual encounter seriously.

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