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Officers were assembling in a parking lot a few miles away in the commercial area of this wealthy retirement and golfing town.

Federal agents brought a battering ram when they raided the quiet third-floor offices.

He says he doesn't remember the name of the prescribing doctor on the label, but "I had never heard the guy's name before." Each stack came with several vials of liquid and syringes.

The liquids were synthetic human growth hormone protein and stanozolol, an anabolic steroid that sometimes goes by the brand name Winstrol, along with other testosterone boosters.

The raids brought about more than a dozen arrests and seizures of truckloads of customer records. George Mitchell (D-Maine) released a report to Bud Selig, commissioner of major-league baseball, last December detailing the illegal use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs by players.

The Mitchell Report, which followed more than a year and a half of investigation and cost million to produce, said rejuvenation centers like PBRC "troll the internet for customers, corrupt physicians who write prescriptions for patients they have not seen, and compounding pharmacies [which make drugs from raw ingredients] that fill these dubious prescriptions and deliver performance enhancing substances to end users by mail." The report describes allegations about Roger Clemens and the widespread steroid dealings of former New York Mets batboy Kirk Radomski but says, "As serious as Kirk Radomski's illegal distribution network was before it was shut down by federal agents, the threat to baseball posed by illegal sales of performance enhancing substances over the internet is greater." District Attorney Soares' office claims these businesses were no more than boiler rooms or call centers set up to streamline illegal drug sales over the internet by connecting through cyberspace only crooked doctors with the most desperate players in the game.

He received drugs from Signature Pharmacy at least three times.

His name appears on records seized from Signature during the raid but has not been disclosed publicly or, to his knowledge, to his team.

That was the scene on a February morning at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, spring training home of the St. Dozens of players who likely will never play an inning of a meaningful game in the big leagues struggled to impress assistant coaches in fielding drills and batting practice perhaps their only chance to wear the famed Cardinal red. Parents and grandparents ate hot dogs and sipped beer as children in ball caps clung to the chain-link fence, begging for fragments of broken bats or old balls, calling their heroes by name: "There's Troy Glaus! He was the best story in sports in 2007, the man people compared to Robert Redford's character in The Natural. Still, there were enough sights and smells to satiate even the most curious children and autograph seekers. Louis fan who played a resident of Munchkinland in The Wizard of Oz telling stories by the bleachers.They want to see towering pitchers well into their 40s burn fastballs past men half their age. "There were a bunch of little bottles of liquid and syringes," he says."Each stack had six or seven different things in it. He is exactly the kind of client the rejuvenation centers were built for, according to investigators.The raids were a result of a joint investigation initiated by the Albany County District Attorney's Office in New York state. David Soares was, at that very moment, at a simultaneous raid of Signature Pharmacy in Orlando.

Deemed "Operation Which Doctor," it included the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, the IRS, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the New York State Bureau of Investigation. More agents were raiding Infinity Rejuvenation in Deerfield Beach and Oasis Longevity & Rejuvenation in Delray Beach, along with other "anti-aging clinics" in Texas and New York.

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