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Except as specified at the “Loss of personal property” paragraph above, the Canadian Force Postal Service and the Department of National Defence shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, general, special or consequential damages regardless of whether such damages result from the loss or mishandling, damage or delay in delivering of items mailed through Morale Mail service.

The Morale Mail service should not be used if the addressee is scheduled to return to Canada within four weeks of the mailing date.

All senders of parcel mail are required to complete a Canada Post Customs Declaration Form (i AW Canada Post Guide: International Parcel Air/Surface 43-074-172 also known as CP 72)) for each parcel which must be attached to the outside of the respective parcel.

A separate list of items including quantity, description, weight (if known), and value must be inscribed in the bottom left corner of the parcels.

It is important to note that the letters must be addressed to a specific soldier, and include rank and mission information.

They must be deposited at a Canada Post retail outlet as mail deposited in street letter boxes bearing no postage will not be delivered.

Because Morale Mail is often sent only once weekly from locations across Canada, it may take 28 days or more from the time of mailing to delivery to the addressee in Theatre.

If either is a concern, it is strongly encouraged that the item is sent via Canada Post with an appropriate amount of indemnity coverage or with a service that has a faster delivery time such as Canada Post Xpress Post or Priority Courier service.

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Schools, groups, businesses and associations may send cards and letters bulked in a parcel to ‘Any Canadian Armed Forces Member’.

To calculate its maximum size simply add the length (1.0 m) its girth (0.3 m 0.15 m 0.3 m 0.15 m) = 1.9 m (Approx 75").