Sedating a cat for travel in a car

28-Jun-2020 12:17

This is a natural product that mimics the pheromones cats release to reassure others and reduce stress levels.If you spray this in the cat basket and car at least half an hour before travel, it should help relax your cat when they enter.Most of the people think sedation is just another name of anesthesia which is completely wrong.What anesthesia does is make the cat unconscious and relieve the pain of surgery which sedation doesn’t do at all.Thus sedating it will prevent unwanted and dangerous situations and ensure safety for both you and your cat.

Calmex is a product that uses a combination of two amino acids, a plant extract and B vitamins to help calm anxious or stressed cats.Noise levels are also very important, keep noise levels as low as possible.There are studies that suggest playing classical music at low levels can help reduce anxiety in pets during their stay in the hospital.But sometimes sedation is done a few hours before giving cats’ anesthesia for surgery. You have to sedate your cat once in a while when you have no other replacement.