Saskatchewan dating laws

28-Dec-2019 07:40

They will only discuss the status of the application with the applicant.

You may also wish to contact the local police to report your lost certificate in the event it has been turned in, or if you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft. Occasionally birth records need to be amended, when an error has been made or for another reason, such as adding the father’s name.

If no record of the birth is found during the search process, you will receive a letter advising you that a record is not available.

The Saskatchewan Vital Statistics office holds records dating from 1895, when civil registration began. Birth records remain at the Vital Statistics office until they are more than 100 years old which means they are no longer within the restricted period.

Experts in identity theft discourage carrying a Birth Certificate in a purse or wallet.

The size of the new certificate is 12.5 cm wide x 17.6 cm high, which makes carrying it in a wallet or purse prohibitive.

A Certified Photocopy of Registration of Live Birth is a certified photocopy of the original Registration of Birth, completed at the time of birth.

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