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I think he’s strong enough now that such a thing wouldn’t create an alternate personality (as it did to Jason). Are they going to play it off as acute stress giving him gray hairs? Jason playing hairdresser and bleaching his hair as part of his torture session? Whatever happens, the finale is going to be a crazy mess of death, blood, and censored injuries. I expect melodrama and screaming and for everything to be rushed. The huge amount of fighters keeps thing fresh and interesting, although I wish some of the fights lasted a bit longer.For example, I’m surprised Amon took out the twins so quickly.It’s unlikely I’ll read the manga at this point, but it’s there in case anyone gets pissed off at the anime ending and wants to see what actually happens. Maybe it’s been a while, maybe I was distracted or maybe I have a bad memory.Whatever the case, I felt a nagging sensation that this wasn’t Tokyo Ghoul and that I had downloaded the wrong episode by mistake.We are growing in dynamic new ways and we recognize that the right people, offering their ideas and expertise, will enable us to continue our success.It’s very likely this show will leave us hanging with a “to be continued…” sort of ending since there’s still more material to cover. So at least I’ll know that Tokyo Ghoul has a complete ending somewhere.

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