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For starters, there are the women whom Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, has called “There are many types of bullying.You may most often associate this behavior with bullying in schools, teen bullying, or, these days, social media bullying.Some of the stories way too closely resembled what many of us remember from our middle school and high school days (think: passive-aggressive behavior, cliques, and bullying).“I don’t think women really help each other at work,” wrote in one woman (we’ll call her Jennifer) who worked in sales at a Fortune 500 company.“They’re competitive, and the more senior they get, the more they act like having another woman at the table hurts their own chances of standing out.” But, she explained, she left a job review on Fairygodboss “because [the site is] about women helping each other in the abstract.”It took a few seconds for this to sink in.But bullying in the workplace — while it’s often more subtle than bullying in school might be — is an unfortunate reality for many of us.Krawcheck, in her examination of the Queen Bee, delves into some of the causes of bullying at work.These language patterns reflect a complex set of cultural norms, as well as the social expectation that women behave in supportive and collaborative ways in their daily lives.Gender dynamics don’t disappear at work, so when women break these "rules," a competitive office can become a minefield.

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There is so much conflicting information, and study after study shows us that While it's unfair to judge women who don’t play by these unspoken social "rules," there’s also no doubt that there are some mean girls at work — women actively sabotage other women in the workplace.Fortunately, we also know that plenty of women have nothing to do with that kind of nonsense.Each of us can control our own behavior and take ownership of our choices and allegiances.Most of these women are generous and believe that teamwork in the workplace, and helping other women succeed, is a win-win.