Outlook not updating calendar schedules

12-Jun-2020 03:18

I would have bet that was gonna fix it, but surprise surprise!

I have tested my Exchange setup and all settings seem fine.

I have a user, (1 user only out of 23) whose i Phone will not sync his calendar events, but only when made on the phone.

When they are made in Outlook, they move to the phone as they should.

Alternatively, you can just click the "New Appointment" button and enter the start and end times in the appropriate menus. " or another applicable title for your time off in the "Subject" box. "Hawaii" always works well, even if you're just staying at home for a week to watch Netflix.

Click the "Show As" box located in the Options group under the Appointment tab and select "Out of Office" to let everyone with access to your calendar see when you'll be away.

Click the "Auto Reply to People Outside of My Organization" option.

Select either the "My Contacts Only" or "Anyone Outside of My Organization" option.

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Select "Manage Rules and Alerts" from the drop-down menu. For example, you can specify that the message is sent only to messages when your name is in the "To" field and not the "CC" field, or you can specify that the reply is sent only to messages with high importance.

This normally should include the date you are returning.

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