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30-May-2020 13:17

Radiosondes also use a thermistor, which is usually checked against a separate thermometer just before weather balloon launch.

As the weather balloon carries the thermistor up through the atmosphere, it is immune from ground-based sources of contamination, but it still has various errors due to sunlight heating and infrared cooling which are minimized through radiosonde enclosure design.

Radiosondes are much fewer in number, generally making hundreds of point measurements around the world each day, rather than many thousands of measurements that thermometers make.

About 20 of those measurements are made every second as the satellite travels and the instrument scans across the Earth.

Temperatures of the deep ocean, which I will not address in detail, have warmed by amounts so small — hundredths of a degree — that it is debatable whether they are accurate enough to be of much use. There are different possibilities for the disagreement: 1) Surface thermometer analyses are spuriously overestimating the true temperature trend 2) Satellites and radiosondes are spuriously underestimating the true temperature trend 3) All data are largely correct, and are telling us something new about how the climate system operates under long-term warming.

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