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13-May-2020 13:10

Now SSH Property Investment has submitted a planning application to demolish the lodge building, restore the two houses and build another 12, “generously sized” homes on the site.

The building is not listed, but is in the Apsley Crescent Conservation Area, and the houses are considered to be the earliest villas in that conservation area, dating back to the 1850s.

Do you think a man is still honorable if he has a disgraceful criminal past consisting of petty crime. Hi there, Thanks for this site, it's been very informative so far and I can't wait to dig through it even more.. What is the commitment between a Freemason and the organisation?

Should the fact that his path to being an honorable … Dear Sir, I am Muslim who has been very much interested in affairs of the Masons and wish to be one. Does parapsychology play a role in Free Masonic science?

I would like to know what can I gain by joining the Order of the Eastern Star?

What do they talk about in their meetings; what do they learn; and why …

What happens to my Freemason belongings and sheep skin when I die? What if a Mason reveals the secrets and breaks the oath he was bound to?

A NEW development of houses in a Manningham conservation area could lead to a 19th Century Masonic Hall being demolished.

My piece is of sterling filigree pendant with enamel applied to the center with diamond …

My husband joined Freemasons, I'm having a tough time My husband and I have been married for a long time, he recently joined the Freemasons.

If you're interested in becoming a Freemason please see our Joining Freemasons page.

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