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Another advantage with the NAV500 is that you can synch it to your Microsoft Outlook contacts and navigate to those addresses.

We also like the mounting bracket, which uses a strong, bendable arm that accommodates a wide variety of adjustments.

If you're happy with your current car but want or need the added safety and convenience of a satellite-based global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation system, you'll want to consider a portable aftermarket system. To help you sort it all out, we focused on 10 portable nav systems in a variety of price ranges and put them to the test in the real world.

Here's what we found: Size: 6.1 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches Weight: 8 ounces Screen Size: 3.6 inches Pros: Attractive design, bright graphics, lightweight, good-quality built-in speaker.

According to Jon Husby, director of automotive for Tele Atlas, one of the leading map data providers, 2006 marked the year sales of portable navigation systems surpassed those of in-car systems for the first time.

The same thing happened in Europe two years earlier.

It's good-looking, lightweight and fairly simple in design.

The colors, graphics and on-screen controls are very pleasing and easy to use at a glance.

The 'VAULT' is where older products are listed, 1) as a resource for manuals and 2) units' accessories, many of which are ... Technical support for these models may also be available via your manufacturer. Its most notable feature is that it's dockable with certain Alpine audio systems, providing the brains for an aftermarket, in-dash nav system.One of our major gripes about the Blackbird is the fact that the power cable for charging the unit is attached to the mounting bracket and not the unit itself.The Bushnell also had a hard time hooking up with satellites and once failed to find an address on a main road.

Rerouting once you're off track is also too slow, especially when traveling at highway speed.Sure, they were often free at your local Chevron station, but the human toll of using them to get un-lost on family car trips was unbearable.Thanks to military satellites that were declassified in the 1980s, today's portable navigation systems are far more accurate and occasionally less frustrating.Still, factory-installed navigation systems can be expensive, frequently costing around ,000.