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Groves 325 of 2005 Montour Opinion date: March 6, 2006 Judge Thomas A. Robin Puderbaugh 1441 of 1999 Opinion date: July 6, 2001 Judge Thomas A. RTF format Changing the Custody of Three Children Lisa L. Kimberly Anne O’Brien 169 of 1999 Opinion date: January 22, 2001 RTF Format A de novo hearing seeking primary custody of parties’ minor son.

Bacon 933 of 2000 Opinion date: May 18, 2001 Judge Thomas A. RTF format Best interest of the child Keith Stalker v. Whitesell 1436 of 1997 Columbia Opinion date: February 1, 2001 Judge Thomas A. RTF Format Child Custody separating half siblings Jamie Lee Norris v. v Rosalba Baldwin 524 of 2000 Columbia County Opinion date: November 26, 2001 Judge Thomas A. RTF Format Exceptions to Master’s Recommendation Leroy F.

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Kowalchick 1508 OF 1993 Opinion Date: October 10, 2000 and Order Amended Opinion date: October 12, 2000 RTF format Modify Custody John C.

Sponenberg 1167 of 2001 Opinions Date: May 22, 2002 Judge Thomas A.

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Elizabeth Austin, 94, of Owensboro died Saturday, June 23, 2018 at Genesis Health Care Owensboro Center. He was born on August 22, 1949 in Pasadena, CA to the late Lloyd Brown and ... Titman 562 OF 1996 Montour County Opinion date: September 5, 2000 RTF format Alimony William E. Lloyd 1720-98 Opinion date: March 6, 2000 RTF format DOMESTIC RELATIONS Child support, birthing expenses and Statute of Limitations Stacey R. Titman 562 OF 1996 Montour County Opinion date: October 19, 2000 RTF Format Alimony Pendente Lite Benjamin E. Lee-Lampshire 82-00 and DR27-00 Opinion date: August 18, 2000 RTF format Living Separate and Apart for Two Years Lloyd v. Boyte, et al 1318-98JU Opinion date: January 31, 2000 RTF format LAND USE APPEAL A use variance for two lots in a Commercial District Borough of Berwick v. Opinion date: March 22, 2000 RTF format LIQUOR LICENSE Appeal From Liquor Control Board Wesley Wertman & Judith Wertman, V. Meeting House Restaurant, Intervenor 268 OF 2000 Montour County Opinion date: September 5, 2000 RTF format PLCB appeals “resort area” designation Magee t/a The Blue Moose v PLCB (551 CV 2000) Opinion Date: February 12, 2001 Judge Naus RTF format MECHANICS LIEN SET OFF Zeisloft v.

Davis 1162-99 Opinion date: March 10, 2000 RTF format JUDGMENTS Petition to Strike, Vacate or Open Austin v.

Carol Oeller and Tiffany Oeller 124 of 1999 Montour County Opinion date: January 3, 2001 RTF format CONTRACTS Non-Jury Trial – Specific Performance – Agreement of Sale.

It is frequently mistaken that actor LaVan Davis is married to actress Cassi Davis in real life, but it is false. They portray a married couple on Tyler Perry's House of Pa yne as Curtis Payne and Ella Payne, and a couple in the play Madea Goes to Jail as boyfriend and girlfriend.… continue reading »

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Cassi davis and lavan davis married? Cassi Davis Net Worth is $6 Million. Cassi Davis is Actor. Cassi Davis Date of Birth is Jul 11, 1964. Cassi Davis Nickname is Cassandra Davis. Cassi Davis Ethnicity is African American. Cassi Davis Country is… continue reading »

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Cassi Davis Age/Bio/Career. Cassi Davis will be celebrating her next birthday on the last day of July. She was born on the 31st day of July 1964 in… continue reading »

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