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Build a safe room above the trap, and pour two buckets full of water inside to lure the Sharks and Jellyfish into your trap.They will attempt to chase after you through the wooden platforms, only to end up being roasted by the lava.This ensures that slimes and flying enemies, such as Demon Eyes, can enter the trap by passing through the wooden platforms from below, but they won't be able to leave it since they can't pass through wooden platforms from above.Although this trap isn't lethal by itself, it can be used to keep the trapped enemies from bothering you.

Attach both pumps to a 1 second Timer and add lava to the inlet pump at the bottom.As its name implies, this kind of trap is designed to trap Zombies (and Goblins).It works by exploiting the Zombie's (and Goblin's) limited path-finding capabilities to lure them into a trap.When you want to activate your trap remove the bottom torch and all stacks of sand will fall and damage enemies.

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