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Their men-kind, weary and worn, did not dare go to bed except for short intervals.Then Mattie, a good sailor; rose to the occasion, She took supreme command of the galley, and was able to produce hot stews and boiling drinks at all hours. Gummidge, so many men wanted to marry her, that she threatened to empty a bucket of dirty water over them if they persisted!and Humphrey, his family and three servants who wished to accompany them, would arrange with others wishing to emigrate, and would charter a sailing vessel and follow……………Meanwhile,……various friends wishing to travel with them, had combined to charter a vessel,and they had chosen one named “Letitia”. She and her son, Paddy would go to the end of the earth to be with the Greys, so they took it for granted that (they) would go to V. She had every intention of interviewing and routing the cook in his galley, making him clearly understand, that if she wished to cook there, she would brook no interference. made suggestions about what to bring, and hopefully, they packed good riding outfits. In 1826, no fruits or vegetables could be preserved for long, so when those they had were used, then they must trust to getting more at various ports.The Captain had good references and would engage a crew………………………. She was, however, so smiling and confident, that he soon wondered if the galley were his or hers! The girls wrote long lists for their mother – china, cutlery, glass, linen and a little of their old furniture. They packed very few ornaments and only one or two pictures, and lastly, a painting by an artistic Grey of their home, Roscomroe. The two Humphreys packed the best available farm implements. Captain Cook’s early experience taught them to get cases of lemons or limes to prevent scurvy, liable to those who were obliged to live on salted butter and meat.

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It came on to blow, which occasioned a swell and the ship rolled much.A big couch, some Chippendale chairs and the harpsichord on which they had already learnt their notes. They also bought clothes and hats suitable for the climate. No tins of powdered or preserved milk had yet appeared, so Betsy, the little cow, had to travel with them, in the anxious care of Paddy .Some books and rugs, a few home remedies for colds, beds, but not the beautiful four-poster which they hoped to get out later on, also wearing; apparel for all seasons (were there any shops in V. They hoped, if possible, to get a goat, for the Greys were not the only children on board, and milk was precious. The last two or three days at Roscomroe were crowded.The food and accommodation question, and the anxiety about the health of their families, and their own health, no doctors were aboard, and the constant not-to-be-spoken-of worry as to what lay at the end of the journey, was always with them. The ship, looking beautiful, sailed on a calm .sea, with an even keel, and they sat on deck in the sunshine, There were dreadful days too, when the little ship was only .a cockle-shell tossed on mountainous waves.

All women and children were battened down below and not allowed on deck.

Then, too late, the second anchor was let go, but did not hold. I am sorry to say that no exertion ‘was made to save the Ship or Cargo. I wanted Clements to let the kedge anchor be run from the ship, but he would take no notice of what any person said. I have seen some shipwrecks, but anything to equal this, I have never witnessed. We have experienced much kindness from Mr Goodwin, the British Consul, who provided us with provisions and lodgings during our stay, We left some of our passengers on the Island of St. Roberts, near Derry, and Doctor Clerk, of Skibbereen, Mrs.