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In the song I wish for a ‘normal’ guy and a ‘healthy’ relationship. The ones who seem outwardly to have it all together, who appear ‘normal,’ are often really insane underneath it all.A secure, well-adjusted, untroubled person is a strange and exotic creature in my eyes.” Through distorted guitars and ferocious screams, Hatfield recalls all of the troubles that come with dating an addict. During the summer of 2015 Juliana began to drop hints that they were working together.A series of semi-cryptic Instagram posts led to up to the October announcement.

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In recent years, we've had a band documentary (Color Me Obsessed) and books such as The Replacements - All Over Bar The Shouting: An Oral History and Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements.

Juliana has often spoken of her love for The Replacements, most notably in her 2008 memoir.

She was due to open for Westerberg for a series of shows many years back but injury forced Paul to cancel his tour.

I received a digital copy of the album with little background material.

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Spending some time getting a good deal more information about the release has been largely disappointing, indicating that to date there has not been a lot of promotion to this album (hopefully it's not my research skills that are lacking! This shortage needs to be addressed, as Wild Stab needs to get wide exposure, so we can all fully enjoy these old hands rock it up.

She’d even anticipated Nirvanamania with a 1991 song named for the band, which she wrote after becoming obsessed with the track “Negative Creep.” She courted controversy by suggesting that women can’t play guitar (“I was just being a brat,” she says now, “because people were asking me, ‘How does it feel to be a woman in rock?