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Some mammals came to abandon a ground-based life, evolving to swing among the trees. This lifestyle encouraged the development of hands with dextrous fingers and opposable thumbs (for grasping branches), as well as sharp colour eyesight (for navigating the complex, multicoloured, shadowy environment of the forest). Some of these species migrated out of Africa, settling regions of Eurasia. All would eventually go extinct, however, leaving the world to be dominated by a single human species: . A given region is considered to have progressed to the Neolithic age once agriculture has become the primary means of subsistence. Prior to reaching the Neolithic, humans experienced a transitional stage known as the Mesolithic. 10,000 BC, when the most recent glacial period ended, giving rise to a warmer (and thus more farming-conducive) global climate. 34 - "Africa", Encarta 2004.35 - "Central Africa", Encyclopedia Britannica. The Lower Paleolithic was the age of human evolution. Various species of (aka "modern behaviour"), which emerged ca. Humans of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic exhibited primitive behaviour; though they could make simple stone tools and eventually came to control fire, these humans did not behave much differently than the rest of the animal kingdom.

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The final two major vertebrate groups, birds and mammals, evolved from reptiles.

Fish are the original vertebrates (animals with a backbone) and the ancestors of all other vertebrate groups.