Interracial dating effects on children

27-May-2020 11:44

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I reached down and pulled him into me, rubbing his wet cock up and down between my wet pussy lips.

Then he pushed into me, and I squealed as I felt my pussy open up to take him.

In the bar, Andy soon had his hand running up and down my leg, and I could see that Terry was becoming more and more excited.

So, we made our way to the car park, where Terry had parked his work van in a secluded corner.

Within seconds I was on my back, my legs up over Andy's shoulders, and his huge cock in my hand.

It was so fat I couldn't even get my fingers completely around it.

I began to wonder if I could take the thing in my pussy.

I watched him slide back his foreskin to reveal a wicked looking purple helmet.

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I wrapped my legs around him and held him there as he rocked, and unloaded the last of his spunk into me.

My husband Terry has always had a fantasy about me being fucked by a black man, especially in the back of a van for some reason.

He went on and on at me for ages to live out his fantasy, and I must admit, the thought of it had my juices flowing, so I decided to go along with it.

I couldn't really relax with him there, and his presence was a little inhibiting.

But how do you tell your husband to go away because you want another man's cock in your pussy?

Andy unlocked the van doors and let Terry back in, then he lay beside me, kissing me, and asking if I'd enjoyed it. Terry knelt between my knees, and I thought he wanted to fuck me too, but he stuck his head between my legs and began to lick my pussy.

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