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A portfolio comprised of stocks and bonds for an investor whose objective is to purchase a home five years from now, may have these securities liquidated in five years.The cash proceeds would then be used to make a down payment for a home.The settlement of the financial affairs of a business or individual through the sale of all assets and the distribution of the proceeds to creditors, heirs, or other parties with a legal claim.The liquidation of a corporation is not the same as its dissolution (the termination of its existence as a legal entity).The secured creditors would take over the assets that were pledged as collateral before the loan was approved.The unsecured creditors would be paid off with the cash from liquidation, and if any funds are left after settling all creditors, the shareholders will be paid according to the proportion of shares each holds with the insolvent company.

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If there are insufficient funds to pay all creditors (INSOLVENCY), preferential creditors are paid first (for example, the INLAND REVENUE for tax due), then ordinary creditors pro rata.An investor that is long a stock may decide to sell some or all of the shares held in his portfolio for cash.Liquidating an asset is carried out when an investor or portfolio manager needs the cash to re-allocate funds or re-balance the portfolio.An asset that is not performing well in the markets may also be partially or fully liquidated to minimize or avoid losses.

Liquidation - termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities settlement ending, termination, conclusion - the act of ending something; "the termination… continue reading »

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In United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and United States law and business, liquidation is the process by which a company is brought to an end. The assets and property of the company are… continue reading »

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