How to become more confident in dating

11-May-2020 12:35

And if you're to Bustle's App-less April, a challenge to delete your apps and focus on meeting people IRL, you're probably going to be even nervous than usual, since you're out of your dating comfort zone. Being nervous affects your behavior, and might hinder you from being the best, most real version of yourself on the date — which kind of kills the point of dating in the first place.

"Confidence is attractive," Samantha Burns, couples counselor and dating coach at Love Successfully, tells Bustle.

"Literally say out loud to yourself, 'I’m not feeling nervous, I’m excited!

'"different, they're similar in that you can (and should) prep for both.

"If you enjoy yourselves, maintain the mindset that you’re just accepting a second date, not a marriage proposal!

Rather than engaging in your own internal dialogue throughout the date, try to remain present with an open mind and refrain from making an official judgment until the date is over."The "fake it until you make it" trick can actually work wonders for your dating life.

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David Posen advises clients to stop the runaway negative thoughts by literally interrupting yourself (i.e. " And when you're in public, just think it).2. Plus, it always feels good to make someone else feel good. You're awesome…when you're not complaining.)7.

Brooke has been listening to me bitch and complain since freshman year in the dorms—and she's still around.4.

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You have to police yourself—and that can feel like trying to control the weather. If he changes the subject when you're trying to feel him out about some insecurity you're having, don't get mad.

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Feeling funky is subconscious, but ceasing the funk takes some consciousness. After I've been to the gym—even if I just lazily "phone it in" on the bike for 20 minutes—I usually have more energy, I feel more confident, and I feel happy.

Today's topic: how to become a more confident dater.

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