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In addition, dmd-1 has a male-specific role in the maintenance and regeneration of the testes and male accessory reproductive organs.

These results demonstrate that dmd-1 is an essential component of pathways responsible for inductive specification of the germline and development of a sex-specific somatic gonadal niche in a simultaneous hermaphrodite.

We cloned four splice variants of dmd-1, with the longest open reading frame encoding a predicted protein of 341 aa (Supplementary Table S1, Supplementary Fig. An individual planarian’s reproductive system consists of both male and female gonads, as well as accessory reproductive organs (for example, oviducts, sperm ducts and seminal vesicles).

In these hermaphrodites, the male gonads are located dorsolaterally and the female gonads are located ventrally at the base of the brain.

Here, we show that proper development of the hermaphroditic reproductive system in the planarian S.

mediterranea is regulated by a gene encoding a DM domain transcription factor, Smed-dmd-1.

Previous studies have described the genetic and/or environmental factors that determine male or female identity in developing embryos of dioecious organisms.In many dioecious species, doublesex/male-abnormal-3 (DM) domain genes have critical roles in sex-specific development and function.To examine whether such sex-specific functions may also function in simultaneous hermaphrodites, we investigated the role of DM domain genes in the planarian, Schmidtea mediterranea.To understand such transitions, it is important to characterize diverse modes of sex determination utilized by metazoans.

Currently, little is known about how simultaneous hermaphrodites specify and maintain male and female organs in a single individual.

In contrast to dioecious organisms, simultaneous hermaphrodites produce gametes and accessory reproductive organs of both sexes.

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