Harry styles dating rod stewart

31-Dec-2019 16:28

He said yes right away and he and Kimberly got on very well indeed.

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After dinner ended the new couple and her parents all left the restaurant together in the same car.A source close to Harry said: “He gets on well with many women, and it’s no secret that they are usually older than him.He was on holiday in LA and Rod asked him if he fancied a night out.” Now in the fifth decade of his career, Rod has sold an estimated 150 million albums worldwide.

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He has had 62 hit singles and has released 27 studio albums.Rod Stewart has let the cat out of the bag for his daughter Kimberly Stewart and One Direction star Harry Styles.The pair were romantically linked last month, when Harry was spotted dining out with Kimberly, Rod and Rod's wife Penny Lancaster in Los Angeles."They weren't exactly hiding it — Rod was well aware what was going on and didn't seem to mind," an onlooker reported.