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For shopping, the trendy neighborhood of Södermalm, with its vintage boutiques and bustling restaurant scene, is a free boat ride away.

A total of 178 rooms and suites makes up the Park Inn Hammarby Sjöstad.

Information in German: 0049 (0) 180 6 99 66 33 (20 cents per call from a German landline, max.

60 cents per call from a German mobile network; costs for calls from abroad depend on provider) daily from to Here you can inquire about fares, timetables and other DB services.

(Click here to read more about the study.) We long for meaningful relationships and social connections.

That may be why increasing numbers of older people are turning to online dating sites, which offer a way to connect with others and make new friends, even if they don’t deliver a life partner.

Head to the island of Djurgården for the world-renowned ABBA The Museum, as well as Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s thrill-filled theme park.

Younger singles are just as happy and healthy as younger people in committed relationships.

But what about the 11 million seniors who are leading single lives?

Eric Klinenberg, the author of “Going Solo,” a book about living alone, looks at the emergence of the one-person household as an increasingly preferred living choice.

“People who live alone do get lonely,” Klinenberg says, “but so do people in marriages.” Younger people have made living alone a choice; in the under-65 demographic, 15 million live alone and many are actively choosing single lives, at the same time proving that the old equation between living alone and being unhappy no longer holds true.We need social interactions and people in our lives who care about us, but living alone doesn’t always lead to loneliness, just as living with others is no guarantee of happiness.We can maintain our independent lifestyles as we age and build strong social connections at the same time.Loneliness is not tied to relationship status, and it’s a fallacy to assume that marriage or cohabitation is the solution.