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03-Jan-2020 05:36

Under other circumstances, I would have walked away and not looked back, but I stayed and "adapted" to show support and for concern for him during this transition. After time, I noticed changes in myself that werent favorable - feeling short tempered, being synical, feeling tired (because of inability to sleep), had frequent headaches and an upset stomach, and the lack of value seem to make all of my efforts meaningless.

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I asked him to choose between the alcohol and me (which I don't recommend) and he without verbally voicing it, chose the alcohol several times. He needs to come to his own conclusion that he wants help. Then after a good amount of time of him completely sober (maybe 1 year) when the "fog" clears, he can work with you on trying to make the relationship work, if you two still want to be together.Any info, insight, or similar experience would be graciously appreciated!, the AA text and "bible." In 12-step programs, especially for the addict, it's usually strongly recommended they put all their energy and spirit into the program for at least a year before even considering dating. But he's obviously making things difficult, and it appears he wants to play the blame game.In June of last year, he was pulled over for DUI, reported the charges to our employer and the company advised that he seek treatment in a alcohol rehabilitation center.

He entered a 30 day treatment program in February of this year.

If I "behave inappropriately" by being silent and stepping back or if I get mad over something that HE deems inappropriate then he backs away and doesnt call me for a couple of days.