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Non-criteria based tags use criteria based on any properties sent by e PO agent at each agent to server communicationinterval(ASCI).c. Systems can have multiple tags assigned to them.16. Which e PO component is responsible for the communication between thee PO console and server? Only IP traffic and DHCP responses are captured by the Rogue System Detection Sensor.c. Which e PO Server component is responsible for delivering policies to the agent when the normal Agent to Server Communication Interval (ASCI) is reached? The sensor packages the information that is gathered about the detected machine into an XML message and sendsit tothe e PO server.34. What e PO server component caches the e PO agent Policy and Properties to reduce the number of database reads and agent toserver communications? It now provides remote consoles that can be installed on Unix platforms.41. Pull task now updates both the Master and Distributed repositories.42.

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FILL IN THE BLANK-Deployment packages are checked into the _______ repository so that e PO can deploy the product.a. FILL IN THE BLANKS-The reporting feature in e PO 4.0 is provided by _______, making the connection to the database through_______.a.

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