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14-Apr-2020 23:52

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Let say the item object was already modified (different from the database record) while it was detached.When we execute merge() it will update the databse with the changes.An entity that passed through such serialization/deserialization will appear in a methods, because they are standardized and guaranteed to conform to the JPA specification.They are also portable in case you decide to switch to another persistence provider, but they may sometimes appear not so useful as the “original” Hibernate methods, .

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We’ve learned how these methods transist entity instances through their lifecycles and why some of these methods have duplicated functionality.As an example entity, we will use a simple annotation-mapped entity variable references the actual persisted object.This method is a later addition to the Session interface. This is not an introduction to Hibernate and you should already know the basics of configuration, object-relational mapping and working with entity instances.

That means the merge method will not get executed on the database at all, which will stop updating the item record in the database.… continue reading »

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