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22-Jun-2020 15:20

As this was a missionary trip, many believe this rule got broken because the family wanted to try to distract the public from his latest scandal.Others suggest that because Joseph was a man, his family didn't think it as important to chaperone him.No one in the family can drink alcohol or read books considered racy (there goes The Duggar children often rebel against their family rules, especially after they get married and leave the nest.The Duggars have a very strict rule about birth control: it simply is not allowed (which explains the title of the show ).They even have strict rules about physical contact: no frontal contact is allowed: couples can only touch at the side. That obviously means that premarital sex is also on the forbidden list.But recent inquiries about Joy-Anna's pregnancy wonder if perhaps she was pregnant before she got married.Girls are not allowed to wear shorts or short skirts.

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The Duggars rules about "courting" include having chaperones for all couples activities.And couples can't text each other without copying that text to one of their parents.The family also has specific rules about other things.Derick also posted a clip of him dancing to a provocative song (although he quickly deleted it).