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In one of the studies, couples who met each other through the high-disclosure Fast Friends activity reported higher feelings of passionate love than those assigned to a low-disclosure task, which involved non-emotional, small-talk questions.

In a second study, the researchers found that how responsive another couple was to personal disclosure predicted the increase in passionate love following the Fast Friends task.“The more that the other couple responds to your self-disclosures in a validating and caring way when on a double date, the more passionate you feel about your own relationship,” Welker said.“Although we still need to investigate why responsiveness from other couples predicts increases in passionate love, one possibility is that having another couple respond positively to yourself and your partner may provide you with a fresh, positive view of your partner and relationship.”In the meantime, this Valentine’s Day, Welker suggests picking a double-date activity that facilitates personal disclosure.“Any setting where couples can talk, exchange information about each other, and respond to each other in a validating, thoughtful manner could apply,” he said.“One very practical application could be going out to dinner with another couple.” But Welker advised dinner at home, as that will engender more disclosure than a date at a public restaurant.

“However, we found the robustness of the effects on passionate love surprising.”In two studies with about 150 couples, the researchers used the “Fast Friends” activity, originally developed by Arthur Aron, Ph.

D., of Stony Brook University, a co-author on the new study.

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