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If you're not sure if he really likes you or if it's just wishful thinking then our highly accurate quiz will give you a clue.We're not sugar-coating it though, if he's just not that in to you then we'll tell you. Find out if he really likes you with our "does he like me quiz" now.We all act a certain way when we are dealing with our feelings. Check out Body Language Flirting to know exactly what he’s thinking at any given moment.This book comes free with The Art of Irresistible and gives valuable insight on how to say everything without even saying a word.So many loves get lost in the confusion If you go through all of these attraction signs and you’re still not sure, then it’s time to take things into your own hands. Most guys only flirt with the one they are interested in. Does he say the same things to them as he does to you? Think of gorillas thumping their chest to impress a hot lady gorilla. Does he do weird things around you that he does no’t do around other girls?Read the book The Art of Irresistible by one of our favourite writers for this site, Roberto Hogue. Time waits for no woman and the longer you wait, the better chance that someone else will swoop in and bag your boy! Does he have the same kind of nervous shyness around them too? On the “Does He Like Me Scale” this is as close to a ten as you can get.

There are three key stages in online dating where you might find yourself questioning whether he wants the same things as you; the initial contact and early communications, the first date, and then anything that develops subsequently.

You both think the other person is into you, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Chances are, if you’’re this confused, he really is attracted to you.