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27-Mar-2020 18:07

Most tables require a screen to update them that is (90% of the time) simply a view of the table, with little bells or whistles.For this scenario I see procedurising insert, updates and deletes being sledgehammers to nuts.Maybe you will ask three-tier access DB, ADO also support?!

-- Wayne Niddery - Win Wright Consulting RADBooks - You have a Right to Free Speech, but not the right to make me listen, nor to use my property as a soapbox. Whilst I accept that there are general benefits of using stored procedures, I see life being far easier for normal database updating using either a procedure that returns an updatable cursor or plain old SQL (I would like all the SQL to be centralised and not in the client however).Moreover, unidirectional Data Set properties very quickly, in three layers, with the TData Set Provider, middleware Data packets sent to the client, and speed unparalleled. For instance, to refresh a single record (Refresh Record), multiple-table update properties (Updating Table), macro substitution parameters (Macros), integration deleted/added/modified/refresh/lock SQL statements, Fetch Rows, Update SQL component is even more commendable is the introduction.ADO stream or XML format packages, but whether it is XML format or stream, packets than CDS package several times. Processing MSSQL after released by field, and ADO can automatically returns the increased field value directly, in this connection, BDE, DBX does not do it, ZEOSDB cannot be done cannot be achieved.ADO is not a one-way data set attribute, all the data is downloaded to the local, constantly opened up or release memory, memory is a great test of the three-tier.

TUni Query has a Uni Directional property supports one-way speed, and DBX to ideas. Uni DAC have some extraordinary methods or properties.Does anyone have any thoughts, experience or tales to tell on the pros and cons of doing things one way or the other ?Thanks There are two main advantages of using stored procedures: 1) Except for *very* simple queries, performance is better even if the procedure executes the identical SQL statement, but for more complex queries performance can be made *much* better since a stored procedure can do any number of SQL statements.Not to mention anything else, just a Direct Oracle connection Mode, do not install Oracle official big and fleshy client (online with fine 10M about Jane client), as long as the client supports the TCP/IP protocol.

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Excellent data set of Delphi components, DataSet components in addition to the appeal, also ZEOSDB, SQL Direct, UniDAC, professional data collection components, more flowers in full bloom, like FIBPLUS, SDAC, ODAC, DOA, etc, different commercial and open source! UniDAC only discussion and comparison of ADO.… continue reading »

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