Disguise email address dating sites

15-Jan-2020 02:06

Scammers profile their victims by asking a lot of questions, even sending them a list.

This helps them work out what angle to approach you from.

The person whose account is used is referred to as a mule, and will be held liable for the money, sometimes resulting in a jail sentence. Being called their wife/husband or their child's mother/father doesn't make you either.

Remember the #1 rule - NEVER send money to anyone you haven't met in person, no matter what the reason or claimed emergency. If you weren't able to physically touch them, you haven't met them in person, no matter what other interactions you've had with them.

It's obvious when you know what you're looking for, or if you take more than just a passing glance at the profile sometimes. Scammers try to get people off the site and into private conversations quickly. Gifts may be taken back to the store and returned for cash.

Look out for ones with their email address in the profile or first message to you. It's a "production line" scam, designed purely to string the victims along and make money.

For the second one, check out the photo, the differences in the text and the parts that have been copied over or pasted in.

The ODA monitors enquiry and complaint levels and the issues complained about.

It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. A link to our customer service arrangements is provided here.

We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA) which was set up to ensure high standards of behaviour by dating service providers serving the UK.

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The ODA Code of Practice is binding on members of the Association.

Most are stolen from social networking or modelling sites.