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14-Aug-2020 17:32

Because a psychiatric diagnosis is the only way to access mental-health services, insurance coverage and educational accommodations, parents have had little choice but to ''find a diagnosis,'' even if none quite fit.I tried to fit my now-25-year-old son with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder for most of his life.''Diagnostic creep'' has spread alarmingly in recent decades, with psychiatric categories consuming turf that used to be part of the variety of human life.Don’t start acting like you’re in a relationship when you’re are to do this.Do not put people on a pedestal because the only place for them to look at you is from above, which means you are beneath them.

Certainly don’t sleep with them without knowing this vital information.

You will make the other person nervy if you go into girlfriend/boyfriend mode when you’ve not established whether you’re in a relationship or in fact don’t even know them.

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