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25-Jun-2020 23:15

No one needs to live in fear and experience the pain you have.The biggest sign that you are in an abusive relationship is that your have fear of your partner or their reactions.Emotional abuse uses words and actions to control what you do and don’t do.It eventually comes to the point where your abuser controls almost every part of your life and you require their permission to do anything.He tells her "If you weren't such a worthless whore I wouldn't have to hit you." He then acts sorry, reassuring her that he will not hurt her again.He then fantasizes and reflects on past abuse and how he will hurt her again.Emotional abuse includes threats directed at you, your family, your children, your pets, and your possession to control you.Emotional abuse also includes to keep you from leaving them.

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What he withholds from her is that she has a certain amount of time to do the shopping.

Listen to yourself about your relationship and remember you are important and deserve to question all your relationships to make sure you have a healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship.